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Past Events


Book Bans & Censorship:
A Visit From A Special Guest

We hosted a discussion with special guest Ms. Ewa-Dreidzic Elliot, a librarian at The College of New Jersey and immediate past president of the New Jersey Association of School Librarians. Over Zoom, she sparked a conversation with the students about the reasons behind book bans and the current landscape in our state.

The ABC's of Book Banning

We hosted three separate viewings of the Oscar- nominated short film The ABC's of Book Banning where students learned about the book banning issue and became passionate through these stories.

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School Wide Poster Contest

With help from our art teacher, Mrs. Christa Martalotti, we created and conducted a school-wide poster contest to bring awareness to censorship in the form of book bans. 

Educating ECHO 

We visited Village Elementary School and presented to ECHO students on how the work they were doing around freedom of speech connecting with our mission.


West Windsor Farmer's Market

On Saturday, May 11th we hosted a table at our local farmer's market. We were able to connect with many patrons, survey their thoughts, and educate them on the issue.

West Windsor Town Council Meeting

We were invited to present our work to the West Windsor Township Council on Tuesday, May 28th. We spoke in front of a packed town hall to educate the community about censorship, book bans, and the power of books.

Educating the community, one page at a time.

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